Jordi Savall

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Instrumentalist and conductor Savall explores the music of diverse cultures -- from Europe to Africa to Asia -- dating from Medieval to Baroque times.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Jeanne la Pucelle, film score 1994 Film Score
Prélude pour Mr. Vauquelin, improvisation for bass viol (after de Sainte Colombe le fils' Prelude in G minor) Orchestral
Fantaise for viol in E minor (after de Sainte Colombe le fils) Chamber Music
La mare de Déu, cançó de bressol for voice & ensemble Vocal Music
Ballade de la Pucelle, for vocal ensemble (or instruments) Chamber Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Les voix, for 3 voices (after Guillaume Dufay) Choral
Le départ, for flute & 2 lutes Chamber Music
Fortune, par ta cruaulte, rondeau (after Johannes Vincenet) Chamber Music
Planctus Jehanne, for 4 voices or instruments (after an anonymous melody) Chamber Music
Les Ombres, for viols da gamba, harpsichord & percussion Chamber Music
Fanfare "dit le Burguygnon", for ensemble (after an anonymous melody) Chamber Music
Variations sur O soñjal (Gwerz Breton), for ensemble Chamber Music
José embala o menino, canção de embalar for voice & ensemble Vocal Music
Lachrimæ Caravaggio, for early music ensemble 2005 Chamber Music
Mareta, mareta no'm faces plorar, cançó de bressol for voice & ensemble Vocal Music
Saltarello for rebec, darbouka & pandereta (after Alfonso X el Sabio, Cantigas de Santa María 77, 119) Chamber Music
Diferencias sobre la Guaracha Mexique (s. XVII), for ensemble Chamber Music
La trémouille, rondeau for flute, viol & 3 lutes Chamber Music
Sonnerie royale pour la fin de la Guerre, for wind instruments & drums Chamber Music
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