Giovanni Sollima

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Rigorous yet passionate Sicilian cellist and composer possessing wide-ranging classical acumen and contemporary flair.
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Violoncelles, Vibrez!, ballad for 2 cellos & strings Chamber Music
Alone, for cello Chamber Music
Viaggio in Italia, for string quartet 2000 Chamber Music
Il bell'Antonio, television film score 2005 Film Score
Bestiario di Leonardo, for 4 guitars Chamber Music
When We Were Trees, for 2 cellos & ensemble Chamber Music
J. Beuys Song, for cello & electronics Chamber Music
Lame, for cello 2004 Chamber Music
Aquilarco #7 (Rotating Dance)
Songs from the Divine Comedy, for voice & chamber ensemble Vocal Music
Spasimo Fragments, for baritone/alto saxophones, piano & percussion 1995 Chamber Music
Sonnets et Rondeaux, for string quartet 2008 Chamber Music
Heimat Terra, for violin & cello 1993 Chamber Music
Aquilarco #4 (Aquiolastro)
Lamentatio, for viola 1998 Chamber Music
Aquilarco #3 (Ornithomanteia)
Bang Bang / In Care, for chamber ensemble Chamber Music
Yaf├╣, for baritone saxophone & piano 2000 Chamber Music
Loof and Let Dine
Aquilarco #8 (Aria)
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