Elisabeth Lutyens

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An uncompromising radical in a musical culture marked by "schools," Elisabeth Lutyens was one of the first British composers to adopt serialist ideas. Her life was as unconventional as her music. Born…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
O saisons, o châteaux, cantata for soprano & strings, Op. 13 1946 Choral Vocal Music
Six Tempi for 10 Instruments, Op. 42 1957 Chamber Music
Chamber Concerto No. 1 for chamber ensemble, Op. 8/1 1939 Concerto
Valley of Hatsu-se for soprano & chamber ensemble, Op. 62 1965 Vocal Music
The Skull 1965 Film Score
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, for choir 1966 Choral
Triolet I & II, Op 160a & b Chamber Music
As I walked out one evening, for voice & piano 1942 Vocal Music
Verses of Love, for chorus 1970 Choral
Bagatelles (6) for chamber ensemble, Op. 113 1976 Chamber Music
Trio for clarinet, cello & piano, Op. 135 Chamber Music
Motet ("Excerota Tractati Logico-Philosophici"), for choir, Op. 27 1953 Choral
The Country of the Stars, for choir, Op. 50 1963 Choral
The Tides of Time, for double bass and piano, Op. 75 Chamber Music
En Voyage, suite for full orchestra Orchestral
Constants, for cello & piano, Op. 110 1976 Chamber Music
Lament of Isis on the Death of Osiris, from Op 74 1969 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Requiescat 1971 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Echo of the Wind, for solo viola, Op. 159 198? Chamber Music
Wind Trio, for flute, clarinet & bassoon, Op. 52 1963 Chamber Music
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