Dirk Brossé

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Belgian-born Dirk Brossé is a composer and conductor whose dual careers veered into many directions, including composing oratorios, musicals, and film scores, and conducting both symphonies and whole…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
The Kavijaks, film score Film Score
Kuifje - De Zonnetempel, musical Show/Musical
Daens, film score Film Score
Musical Daens, musical Show/Musical
Marie, film score Film Score
Sacco & Vanzetti, musical Show/Musical
When the Light Comes, film score Film Score
Knetter, film score Film Score
Boerenpsalm, film score Film Score
Rembrandt de Musical, musical Show/Musical
Koko Flanel, film score Film Score
Principals, for orchestra Orchestral
War Concerto, for clarinet & orchestra Concerto
Springen, for trumpet, piano, bass & drums Chamber Music
Sophia, symphonic poem for violin & orchestra Concerto
Meditation, for oboe & strings Concerto
Millennium Overture, for orchestra Orchestral
Samaritan, film score Film Score
Symphony No. 1 ("Artesia") Symphony Orchestral
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