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Zwei-Osterei is the second release from Kluster's first incarnation with core duo Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius joined by third wheel and frequent collaborator Conrad Schnitzler. It begins with drones, scrapes, squiggles, pulses, and just a hint of percussion for reference, some of which sound organic, and may just be because the band experimented with actual instruments in those days, usually filtering them through banks of esoteric analog electronics assisted by their longtime engineer, Conny Plank. The first track also features a spoken word narration that may benefit the nebulous electronic wash, but only if you comprehend the German language. Due to a period of church sponsorship for the band, the text is apparently of a religious nature, and in an interview Schnitzler has said, "If you don't understand the German words, it sounds better. If you know what it means, you'll find it terrible." The second track is the more straightforward of the two, attributable to recognizable flute and bass guitar, yet it too meanders and constantly circles in on itself before it can fully launch into the stratosphere. During this period Kluster recorded only live or live-in-the-studio improvisations, which means they could be hit or miss, and only the most patient fans of avant-garde electronic "music" will be enthralled by these two long pieces. The band, for most of the music-consuming world, would go on to produce more structured and thus more rewarding music in their Cluster incarnation, especially in their work with Michael Rother from Neu! and, more illustriously, Brian Eno. However, as headphone candy or background music this album has its moments of the truly kosmische.

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