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Circulated underground, released more officially in 1985, and finally given a proper release on CD in 1999, Zabíjacka dates back to 1979. This Extempore lineup features many differences from the one that recorded Milá Ctyr Viselcu. First and foremost, it was the first program for which saxophonist/singer Mikolás Chadima was in complete control, ex-leader J.J. Neduha now being in exile. The lineup is also revamped, only percussionist Marta Gotthard-Zelinková surviving the 1978 near-dissolution. Bassist Sláva Simon, guitarist Josef Záruba, and drummer Miroslav Stanek complete this particular grouping. Chadima's Zabíjacka ("Pig-Slaughtering" in Czech) is a dark, repulsive tale where all characters are somehow more animals than men and absolutely evil. The host invites family and friends for dinner. The main course will be a pig, but the drunk butcher accidentally kills himself instead and so the cook decides to serve him instead of the animal to cover up the incident. The guests, portrayed as pigs themselves, don't really care as long as they can enjoy a free meal. Exit Neduha's dark humor and absurd lightness: Chadima's musical vision darkens the group's sound, taking it to new extremes. His saxophone playing, raspier, more aggressive and atonal, takes center stage. The heavy beats recall Etron Fou Leloublan, the complex structures Henry Cow. The work, about 35 minutes long, was performed only once in its entirety, June 15, 1979, where this recording comes from. The remainder of the set is made of punk songs by Dr. Feelgood, the Stranglers, and Generation X performed with Czech lyrics by Chadima. Sound quality is much poorer than on Milá Ctyr Viselcu -- hence its release in Black Point's "Archiv" series.

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