Alexis Gideon

Welcome Song

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Welcome Song, the debut solo album by Alexis Gideon (formerly half of the noise-rap duo Princess), is one of those records that tries desperately, painfully hard to scream at the listener, "Look at me! LOOK! Look at how weird and eccentric I am! Boy, I must be nuts, huh? Woo-hoo! Yeah, I'm like Wesley Willis and Syd Barrett had a baby and it was raised by Jandek, y'all!" And as always, albums that make an aggressive point of how strange and outré they are never really deliver. Welcome Song is no exception: these 11 songs, most of them mercifully brief, are a sadly ordinary blend of deliberately amateurish music-making and self-consciously faux-naïve lyrics delivered in a variety of willfully obnoxious voices. The irritating part is that there are flashes of genuine musical interest here, like the skeletal instrumental bed of "Just Run," which conjures up an agreeably spacy atmosphere, and the Residents-like creepy prettiness of "Underwater Carousel." If Gideon would focus on that side of his musical personality instead of trying to impress upon everyone just how kerRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAZZZZYYY!!! he is, he could be doing something worth listening to. Worth listening to is something the majority of Welcome Song most emphatically is not.

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