Mr. Dé

The Originator

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This release by Mr. Dé offers up a side of naughty booty music and a side of well-executed electro. The naughty booty song, "Cum," doesn't try to reinvent the wheel; it centers its bass-heavy beats on the song's looped vocal rhyme -- "lick it 'till she cum/come on baby, give me some" -- and progressively adds some hand-clap percussion and a high-end riff to further the accompanying music. After the lyrics loop several times, a chorus of sampled females voicing the pleasures of orgasm reaffirms the fact that this isn't music for children or the elderly. The other song on this record, "The Bomb," doesn't toy with porno motifs, but instead focuses on the beats. The underlying rhythm, with its rolling bassline and hailstorm of high-hat percussion, makes this song almost approach drum'n'bass status if not for the consistent sense of rhythm that stays locked into place.