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The Midnight Meat Train [Original Motion Picture Score]

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The composing/performing team of Robert Williamson and Johannes Kobilke, heard previously in 2008 with the score for Pathology, returns for The Midnight Meat Train, a horror film directed by Ryuhei Kitamura and based on a Clive Barker short story about a subway serial killer followed by a photographer. Williamson, a graduate of the Seattle grunge scene, and Kobilke, a trained electronic keyboardist from Germany, create highly percussive, keyboard-based soundscapes for the film's cues. The percussion consists of invented or synthesized sounds, often recalling slammed metal doors. The music is heavily echoed and full of eerie sounds. Much of it, however, seems intended to accompany scenes of uneasy investigation rather than outright horror. There's plenty of minor-key piano noodling at slow tempos. But at any moment a harsh beat may intrude, and things always seem on the edge of danger. It is not until the appropriately titled "Train Fight" at the end that all hell breaks loose, however. Williamson and Kobilke have created a mechanical, industrial score for a movie of underground suspense and terror.

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The Midnight Meat Train, film score
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