Somethin' 'Bout Kreay

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If she loved you at all, rapper Kreayshawn is the kind of girl your mother warned you about, whatever your sex. This Lil B cohort and leader of the White Girl Mob with V-Nasty as one of her "bitches" (Kreayshawn uses the term so often, a review full of the cuss still wouldn't be enough warning) is a simple and snide ball of hedonism that thinks the world owes her something, threatens to cut penises off, and, after smoking up all your weed, raids the medicine cabinet for her daily breakfast of codeine and promethazine. If that sounds vicious, Kreayshawn would explain herself as something even worse, as she does throughout Somethin' 'Bout Kreay, a severe party album without consequence that's properly stuffed with attitude, hooks, and studio tricks. Key track "Gucci Gucci" overflows with all three, especially attitude as the rapper shines with "Bitch you ain't no Barbie, I see you work at Arby's/Number two, super-sized, hurry up I'm staaaaaaaarving," that last bit delivered with a whine so extended, it's shocking there's no gum chew snap at the end. The like-minded "Blasé Blasé" is nearly as good, sticking in the head with its chorus of "Go crazy, get money/I do my dance like no one saw me" even when Kreayshawn wants to be watched somethin' fierce; otherwise she wouldn't drop so much modern slang or have electro-magician Diplo produce the cut. Cringe when she boasts "Goin' down like no one taught me" and then wonder if that's a good thing, and then cringe harder when she claims to burn down the house like "Left Ey3" on a song that also uses flippant Amy Winehouse and Courtney Love references with no sense of sisterhood or irony. That much-needed "it's all in good fun" feeling is hard to maintain when "Summertime" offers a flair-free anthem for girls who look great in bikinis, and as "Luv Haus" plods through some Auto-Tuned electro-disco, the album mistakenly enters P!nk's territory with Kreayshawn going limp and deadpan. She's best when playing it kinetic and in complete violation of good taste, so whittle this one down by half for the ultimate in bird-flipping, rave-rapping, and repercussion-free living.

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