Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)

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Dawn's third release is their most accomplished work thus far, building off the progress made on the mini-album Sorgh Pa Svarte Vingar Flogh, but taking the sound to a whole new level. Dawn plays Swedish black metal in the ultra-melodic vein of Dissection, only way more intense. Although it took 15-plus listens to find words for this majestic black metal crown of achievement, it only took one to realize the sheer magnitude and power this album produces. From the all-encompassing keyboards tha begin the battle (curiously reminding one of the jaw-dropping feeling received by the beginning of the first Enslaved album) to the hesitating melody which follows, Dawn has blind-sided the black metal world with what appears to be the Anthems to a Welkin at Dusk of 1998. Balance is what drives this album. Balance between breakneck speed and mid-paced melody. Balance that doesn't sacrifice fierce, raw metal for symphonic dribble (not that there aren't a great deal of well-placed symphonic undertones). Vocalist Henke Forss is one of the industry's most talented bodies, having discovered a cohesive bond between brutal screaming and singalong melodies. Lyrically, this would fall in the Dissection realm, but with more socially conscious overtones. Dawn is the new king of Swedish black metal, and may their reign be long and glorious. Seek this album out, at all costs!