Fieldy's Dreams

Rock N Roll Gangster

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Fieldy's Dreams is the first real side project to appear from alternative metal superstars Korn. The project revolves around Fieldy, the charismatic bassist for the group. Virtually every song and skit is written by him, with minimal help from any other musicians. The music is mostly rap, a drastic departure from Korn's intense and heavy sound. This project could have tried to incorporate more elements from Fieldy's primary outfit; instead, he tries so hard to be different that he sounds like someone impersonating a rapper. Fieldy puts on a fake voice that sounds like a bad Eminem impression crossed with a bad B Real impression. Occasionally, it sounds like his real voice comes out, specifically on "Ortiz Anthem," where he sounds far less annoying than on some of the other tracks. Unfortunately, there are some good ideas here that are sacrificed due to his fake voice, specifically his lyrics. Although on first glance it may seem like bad teenage topics, he actually talks about some important aspects of growing up. "You Saved Me (From Being Crazy)" and "Just for Now" may be the most significant, as they deal with topics like loneliness, teenage angst, and the importance of drugs to suicidal children with a sympathetic viewpoint. Of course, not every song has this sort of insight. Specifically, "Child Vigilante" has some awesome production but lyrics that the Insane Clown Posse would have been proud of, and "Sugar-Coated" is a painful attempt at Puff Daddy-style rave up. "Comin' From a Friend" tries to take the Eminem route, spewing relentlessly dirty lyrics over a Dre-like beat, but it falls short because it misses the insight and self-reflection that Eminem can offer a song like that. On the plus side, the production here is very solid, laying down very smooth beats and relying on samples that he recorded himself. There are some clever lyrics and good ideas here and there, but Fieldy simply seems too intent on pursuing lyrics revolving around marijuana and swearing with little or no direction. If he were to work on developing his own voice and cutting the fat from his lyrics, this would be a pretty good album. As it is, this is a very average album with good ideas popping up here and there.

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