Jayne County / Wayne County & the Electric Chairs

Rock 'N Roll Cleopatra

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Jayne County was the John Waters of rock music, crafting blatantly offensive and goofy music that delivered mean-spirited entertainment and a hilarious freak show. Bragging up her own importance on virtually every other song, some of County's best music can be found on this compilation. "Storm the Gates of Heaven" is one of the most silly, offensive, angry, and campy songs to grace the punk movement, delivering a disdain for Christianity with tongue firmly in cheek and middle finger proudly raised. Elsewhere she chastises those who won't take her home ("Fuck Off"), celebrates the twisted men who go through her life ("Mean Muthafuckin' Man"), and sings a tribute to filthy bathroom affairs ("Toilet Love"). Vile, nasty, and hilarious, County is obviously not for everyone. In fact, as the years go by, the audience who would enjoy her routine seems to get narrower and narrower. But this is a document of an important performance artist; in the '70s her live shows couldn't be touched for sheer energy and entertainment. And these songs were the backbone of those shows; even if they weren't always good, they at least had the charismatic snarl of County delivering their hideous message. For anyone curious about the New York punk scene, this is high-priority stuff even if it contains some of the least-important music of the period. County, like many punk musicians, has overcome her talents to become a personality, and that personality is strong enough to make this a recommended collection.

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