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Built through careful repetition and patience, Cave deliver another blast of obsessive, motoric psychedelia on Neverendless. In a lot of ways, the band is reminiscent of a more restrained Oneida circa Each One Teach One, taking one idea and slowly and subtly building upon it in an effort to explore every permutation of any given riff. Rather than spiraling off into a “Sheets of Easter”-style acid trip, Cave tend to play things closer to the vest, only letting loose when it’s absolutely necessary and not a moment sooner. This approach allows the band's songs to build up tension, giving them an almost anxious feeling as the listener waits for the other shoe to drop. What’s surprising is that despite such a heavy focus on repetition and a stripped-down sound, Neverendless is seldom predictable, showing the talents of a group who know that sometimes less is more.

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