Terry Gibbs

More Vibes on Velvet

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More Vibes on Velvet, Terry Gibbs' sequel to his 1956 album Vibes on Velvet, pairs cheesecake cover art with Gibbs' economical, melodic vibes work on a dozen pop and jazz tunes, as well as a few originals. Gibbs' "Velvet" albums, as the titles suggest, are intended to showcase his soft and sentimental side, and his playing is accordingly restrained and subdued. The selections are all slow to midtempo ballads, from "Moonlight Serenade" and "Blues in the Night" to Gibbs' own "Lazy Sunday." In place of the sweet strings one might expect on a project such as this, Gibbs' vibraharp hovers over horn arrangements that feature Joe Maini and Charlie Kennedy, along with a piano and rhythm section that combine to create more of a jazz feel than an easy listening one. Gibbs' vibes virtuosity is on display elsewhere in his catalog -- More Vibes on Velvet is for those who enjoy soft instrumental music and the warm sound of the vibraharp.