Pauline Oliveros

Mabou Mines: Crone Music

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Originally created as sections of music for an experimental production of Shakespeare's "Lear", this CD is organized in a continuous concert version under a different title. (Other sections of the music are available as "The Roots of the Moment" on HartArt records, and "Lear" on the New Albion CD "Deep Listening"). The entire score is played on an expanded, custom-built Titano Emperor V accordion with minimal and excellently realized and expressive electronic processing by the composer and composer-performer Panaiotis (a.k.a. Peter Ward). In "The Fool's Circle", strange sustained tones float over a fragmentary rhythm creating an eerie atmosphere. "A Woman Sees How the World Goes With No Eyes" is built with slowly pitch-shifting and side-to-side phasing tone clusters. Occasionally, the pitch is stretched to create small wails. "Reason In Madness Mixed" features gently dissonant intervals and de-tuned pitch shifting. "This Great Fool's Stage" further explores odd tunings adding to the feeling of a creaky ancient texture. "Let It Be So" is made up of long sustained dissonances of a peculiar plaintive timbre. "Let Me Not Be Mad" combines pitch-shifting with sweeping gestures to make a wind-swept landscape of hopeless insanity. "Lear On The Road" combines textures from all the previous pieces to create the ultimate portrait of the mad king.