Montell Jordan

Let's Ride

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When a debut single is as strong as Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It," it's hard to ever match or exceed the single's reputation -- or at least, the perception that the single was the peak of the artist's career. As his third album, Let's Ride, proves, he has more to offer than just "This Is How We Do It," but it's still hard to shake that song from your head while listening to the album. The main problem is that, despite his sultry voice, Jordan has yet to establish a clear identity for himself and his material tends to have even less character. There are moments on Let's Ride that are quite enjoyable -- after all, Jordan has a knack for classy, seductive contemporary grooves -- but it never adds up to much of anything. Few of the songs make a lasting impression outside the title track, and the album essentially follows the same formula as his first two records, but with diminishing returns. There are enough good grooves to make it interesting to fans, but Let's Ride suggests that Jordan will have to learn a few new tricks soon if he wants to keep cruising.

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