2 Deep

Honey, That's Show Biz

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At its best, rap music is a vehicle for expressions of social anger and devastating humor. At it's worst, it's dull, tedious, and doesn't have anything to say. 2 Deep's debut album, unfortunately, falls into the latter category, suffering from leaden rhythms and powerless rhymes that keep falling into brag numbers -- there are no apparent targets for all the dissin' going on here, but that doesn't stop M.C. Jae Supreme, or even engineer Thomas "On Time" when he gets up there to rattle out "For Those Who Dissed Me." The one time this really works is with "Simply Done," which manages to blow through four different styles in one piece without losing its energy. Meanwhile, when not bragging or dissing, 2 Deep gets busy trying to throw in their soggy rap ballad, "Stay in My Life," in which you find out they can't sing worth a damn. After that queasy discovery you get a deadly dull rap about Jae's girl deciding she wants to go off and be by herself. "All Alone," attacking the subject with a sense of humor and an interesting arrangement, tackles the same subject and comes up more of a winner. "I Didn't Do My Homework," the opening track and the first single from the album, is really sort of misleading. It's a "Kids Screw Up" number straight out of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. It's a good opener, but the entire album, after the instrumental "2 Deep Intro," goes off in another direction entirely. Soundwise, the album has problems. Aside from the vinyl noise from the albums used as samples on "Groovy Thang" and "&Funky Sound," the mixes are terrible. An overall muddy quality mars the whole affair and the rappers themselves end up often too pushed far back in the mix. Sometimes, they're buried completely. The same vinyl noise of "Groovy Thang" drowns M.C. Jae Supreme out completely at several points. All told, this is not the most auspicious debut 2 Deep could have had, and it's not a good way to step out into a market that's by now approaching saturation point.

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