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There are lots of words one could use to describe a Wormrot song; "dirge" is not one of them. This Singapore-based grindcore trio specializes in ultra-compressed blasts of raw yet disciplined energy, typically exploding for between 30 and 90 seconds before moving on. The shortest song on Dirge is a four-second nod to grindcore forefathers Napalm Death, "You Suffer But Why Is It My Problem." The longest is the album-closing "The Final Insult," which sprawls out for an epic 1:49. Dirge packs 25 songs into just under 18 minutes, every one a relentless assault of grinding guitar (doubled in the studio to give extra heft), anarchic yet complex drumming, and hoarse, agitated vocals. This is a sound hundreds of bands across the planet are making every day. But even as Wormrot's songs blur into a single massive assault, they have a punk rock catchiness that some of the more metallic grindcore acts don't share. They throw curve balls at times, too; "Deceased Occupation" is built on a sludgy, slip-sliding riff Eyehategod wouldn't turn their noses up at, while "Principle of Puppet Warfare" is pure punk rock slam-fuel. The vocalist has at least three different voices he uses at different times, increasing his impact and presence by changing up his approach. It's possible to have a favorite Wormrot song, something that can't be said about the legions of lesser grindcore bands out there.

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