Ultra Fuckers

Beyond the Fuckless

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Garage rock is a way of life, meaning that it is very difficult to analyze or review: Either you get and love it or you don't. The Ultra Fuckers are a Japanese trio that may very well represent (although they are not alone) the very worst of what you can imagine in a garage band. Upon first contact, Beyond the Fuckless is a brutal, murky piece of s***. Recorded below lo-fi (another writer described it as mono-fi), these 13 cuts total 26 minutes of music, and despite the short duration, you will feel flushed out. Kawai Kazuki Langley, Izumi Headache, and Tom Nagata's recipe consists of two-thirds speedy punk rock, raw and screamed at the top of the lungs, with something of a Boredoms/Melt Banana attitude, and one-third Krautrock/psychedelic rock (think early Can), both kept in separate bowls. Listeners are greeted with one-two punches like "Holly Bible" and "(Into The) Scumbag," but soon find slower, more sedate tracks like "German Rock Radio II" (this one is really close to Can/Faust) and "Long Number." Guitar, drums, and vocals collide in the boom box that was presumably used to record this album, which makes it very difficult to hear this band's quirks -- and it has a few, as this is not "straight" punk/garage. Notions of "good" or "bad" don't apply when you are into that kind of music. The only things you value are authenticity and honesty. These guys have aplenty, but you better know what you're stepping into; they don't call themselves the Ultra Fuckers for nothing.

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