Dog Fashion Disco

Anarchists of Good Taste

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Prepare to die. Dog Fashion Disco, with their crunching guitar chords, swirling lead guitars, warped organs, and evil vocals, à la any thrash metal band U.S.A., sound like the musical equivalent of death. On their debut release, Anarchists of Good Taste, the Washington D.C.-based outfit seems to be in a contest to see whether they can outwarp the likes of Marilyn Manson and others belonging to this genre. To that end, Dog Fashion Disco offer nothing new, no matter how bizarre their song titles (i.e., "Corpse Is a Corpse," "Pour Some Urine on Me," and "Cartoon Autopsy"). Sometimes bands try to be novel by seeing how far they can push the envelope and shock listeners, which, ironically, becomes boring. However, to their credit, Dog Fashion Disco flavor some of their songs with interesting musical changes, be it in tempo, key, and sometimes even style (i.e., going from thrash to almost surf-style music). Case in point: A flute solo in the middle of "9 to 5 at the Morgue" does give Dog Fashion Disco an edge over other like acts in a genre that can sound so painfully similar. "Vertigo Motel" provides the album's one breakaway moment. The song is surprisingly similar to Pink Floyd -- if they jammed with carnival musicians, Dr. Jack Kevorkian, the Charlie Daniels Band, and Branford Marsalis. It's a shame that Dog Fashion Disco don't elaborate on the musical talent they exhibit on "Vertigo Motel" -- there's obviously a lot to them, and sticking to thrash metal seems limiting to these guys. Without their musical chops -- which appear too infrequently -- Dog Fashion Disco would get lost in an abyss of other similar-sounding groups, where they can all get together and sing about drinking piss and crapping knives. Here's to hoping that future albums by this band elaborate on their ability to play innovative music -- the potential is certainly there.

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