A Hole Where the Heart Once Beat

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Looking for some gracious, sensitive pop? Go somewhere else, then! This York, PA fivesome are the worst thing you could listen to when you're hungover. Blasting post-punk bludgeoning comes from heavy drums, snarly guitars, bad-ass bass, and the vocals of someone who sounds like his feet are on fire. We haven't heard someone whose screaming sounded this demented since Rudimentary Peni, Jesus Lizard, or the early Butthole Surfers -- only this music is much more straight-ahead slugging. Really, how does this Shannon speak for the next week after a gig, after shrieking this hysterically for 10 songs? His windpipe and tonsils must become as angry red as a flesh scrape from falling on concrete. Manic and psychotic, this lunatic sings rational words over the band's explosions, and it's all as exciting in short doses as it is uncompromising. But you better be mad at your boss, dad, lover, enemy, rival, the condescending and unhelpful, the planet, society, or life itself before you put this on. It's liberating like primal scream, and cuts like "Odd Man Out" are pretty sizzling. But if you want to wind down after a hard day... Forget it!

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