Neil Young

Time Fades Away

Composed by Neil Young

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“Time Fades Away” is the opening song one of Neil Young’s most interesting albums. Although a huge commercial failure at the time, Time Fades Away contains a host of great songs, including the title track, ”Don’t Be Denied” and ”Journey Through the Past”. “Time Fades Away” is a typically ramshackle song given a very rough performance on the album, with some wonderful off-the-cuff harmonies from Young and David Crosby. The song is typical of many from Neil Young’s “doom” trilogy, a sprawling rant at anything and everything, with it’s chief target being then President Richard Nixon. Nevertheless, the song contains a wonderfully catchy melody, and some great barrelhouse piano fills. It’s a shame Time Fades Away has been so overlooked, as it contains some of Young’s finest material of the decade. The title track is a measure of this.