Oh Yeah

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Although their first two albums were met with moderate success, the Swiss tandem of Dieter Meier and Boris Blank, better known as Yello, cashed in with 1985's Stella and its biggest hit, the quirky and techno-ridden "Oh Yeah." Yello's electronic club sound was always the main ingredient in their repertoire, but "Oh Yeah"'s frantic energy and "Keystone Kop"-styled rhythm is the most commercially appealing piece that they've ever done. As an album, Stella compiled nonstop tempos, crisp beats, obscure sounds, and vocal effects, and cleverly manufactured congeries of electronica to produce one of the most fascinating albums of the decade. "Oh Yeah"'s flair stems from its uniquely overcompensated baritone vocals, with the rest of the song pouring in around it for pure effect. Not only is the cartoon-like charm of the music attractive, but the repetitive whisper of "chika chikaaa" that pops up time and again is just as catchy. The song nearly achieved novelty status because of its peculiarity, which is the same reason it was added to the soundtrack of Ferris Bueller's Day Off and to The Secret of My Success. Popularized by its colorful music video, "Oh Yeah" gained acceptance by those who had never showed an interest in techno or electronic music before, and even today it stands as one of the most renowned hits of the 1980s. Yello kept making albums throughout the rest of the decade and into the early '90s, but none of their tracks could match "Oh Yeah"'s popularity.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Stella 1985 Mercury 3:05
Rock of the '80s, Vol. 5 1993
Various Artists
Priority Records 3:05
VH1: The Big 80's The Big Movies 1998
Various Artists
Rhino 3:06
Electropop Essentials 1999
Various Artists
Hip-O / Hippo 3:06
Poptronica: Sci-Fi 1999
Various Artists
Buddha Records 3:05
Shape Fitness Music: Walk Plus 2000
Various Artists
The Right Stuff / Capitol
I Want My 80's Box 2001
Various Artists
Hip-O 3:07
Classic Alternatives, Vol. 5 2002
Various Artists
SPG 6:24
Tony Little's Fit Trax: Cardio Pop 2003 The Right Stuff / Capitol 2:55