Electric Light Orchestra

Mr. Blue Sky

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Electric Light Orchestra was often rejected by critics as a pallid 1970's imitation of psychedelic-era Beatles. This critique was unfair and shortsighted but there is no doubt that group mastermind Jeff Lynne wore his Beatles influence on his sleeve. The ultimate example of this tendency was "Mr. Blue Sky," a multi-layered pop treat that was a pure Beatles pastiche. This song closed the "Concerto For A Rainy Day" side of Out Of The Blue and its lyrics celebrate the emergence of the title character to end a day of rain: "Mister Blue Sky/Please tell us why/ You had to hide away for so long/Where did we go wrong?" The music divides its time between verses that repeat the same two notes to hypnotic effect a la "I Am The Walrus" and an effervescent, constantly-ascending chorus that recalls . Electric Light Orchestra’s recording of "Mr. Blue Sky" takes the Beatles references even further: the staccato bassline recalls the chorus of "Hello Goodbye" and pounding piano lines and panting background vocals recall the midsection of "A Day In The Life." However, the swirling strings, the call-and-response interplay between Lynne and his falsetto vocal overdubs, and the use of a choir make sure listeners know this is an Electric Light Orchestra tune. The group blended all these elements with care and turned "Mr. Blue Sky" into a miniature pop symphony that became a top-40 hit in the U.S. and did even better elsewhere in the world. It remains a favorite with the group’s fans and Jeff Lynne’s ultimate tribute to his heroes in ‘the fab four.’

Appears On

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