Bill Evans

Letter to Evan

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“Letter to Evan” was composed by pianist Bill Evans late in his career. This lovely ballad was dedicated to his young son Evan, who would go on to become a composer himself. Though Evans performed “Letter to Evan” during numerous concerts and club dates between 1979 and his death the following year, the first few recorded versions to appear were only on various bootleg releases from several continents, though Elektra Musician finally put it out on the album The Paris Concert Edition Two in 1984. Evans inevitably played the song unaccompanied, working his magic with lush voicings, no doubt entrancing any audience which heard it. Unfortunately, other jazz musicians have overlooked this gem in Bill Evans’ vast catalog of compositions, although pianist Andy LaVerne and vocalist Roseanna Vitro have since recorded successful interpretations.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
The Brilliant 1996 Timeless 8:40
Bill Evans: The Brilliant/Consecration 1/Consecration 2 2001 Timeless 8:40
Original Album Series 2016 Rhino / Warner Bros. / Warner Music 4:48