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I'm So Cute

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"I'm So Cute" is one of a handful of songs Frank Zappa wrote in 1976 to feature drummer Terry Bozzio on vocals (other examples include "Titties & Beer" and "Punky's Whips"). It appeared on the 1979 LP Sheik Yerbouti. As usual, he is cast into a grotesque role, this time half-singing, half-screaming his vocals while hammering a punk rock beat. He is so cute he feels sorry for ugly people. Why? Because, as everyone knows, following infallible logic, "Ugly is bad/And bad is wrong/And wrong is sinful." Eternal damnation, with its burning fire and "Screams of agony," is inevitable.

The song, a punk-paced anthem with a bridge section similar to the ones found in "Flakes" and "Broken Hearts Are for Assholes," was tailored to be annoying. Bozzio's singing is (intentionally) horrible, the guitar riff stupid, the chorus ("A-ren-nen-nen" etc.) even worse. The piece culminates in the finale, a symphony of cheap synthesizer portamentos and the repetition of the line "I'm So Cute" over 90 seconds (sadly -- or not, depending on your tolerance level -- reduced to a mere 30 seconds on the CD reissue). The ironic intention is obvious.

"I'm So Cute" was almost never performed on-stage. The basic tracks for the album version were taken from a live concert from October 1976. The only other documented occurrence happened in 1980 -- Vinnie Colaiuta became the center of attention.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Sheik Yerbouti 1979 Rykodisc 3:09