Feeling Called Love

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”Feeling Called Love” Newman/$Gilbert/$Lewis/$Gotobed (1977)

Wire again prove themselves masters of the dense, irreverent ditty with ”Feeling Called Love” from their landmark punk debut, Pink Flag. Slowing things down into a cool saunter, singer Colin Newman and company take a casual three-chord melodic jaunt and spike it with a warbling contempt for romantic ideals and fuzzy notions of love. Newman’s clipped, wobbling phrases at times is so extreme as to spill into the unintelligible range as he ponders with a condescending smugness, “What is this feeling called love / What is this crazy thing, I can’t explain it anyhow / What is this crazy scene, I can’t work out no how” As usual, economy is stressed in the arrangement, allowing only a slight shift to a two chords progression for Newman to wonder, “Maybe I should try it now / Or maybe I should, be shy of it now, now / ‘Cos there’s nothing you know, that can explain it / And there’s nothing you know, that’s worth the pain of it”. One more shot of verse with a small volume boost to the guitars is enough to satisfy the band, quickly wrap it up with a brief shout-a-long ending with Newman leading the chant of “Gimme love, gimme love” over a bed of serene background, “ooh’s” before the track slams to a halt after a mere minute and twenty seconds. Cut, print it!

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Pink Flag 1977 Pink Flag 1:28