Buck and the Preacher

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The opening, patois-laced conversation sets the scene, as IRoy bumps into a friend on the street (played by engineer Errol Thompson), before riding off to take in a flick. And the movie he's off to see? "Buck and the Preacher", of course.

The DJ is obviously taken by the film, or perhaps by its posters, because there's nothing to suggest he actually has seen it yet. Still, the very idea of an international movie boasting Black stars in lead roles - both Sidney Poitier (who also directed) and Harry Belafonte are name checked within, is enough to thrill I-Roy no end. And so he lets loose with a toast cum advertisement, pushing the flick but not giving the plot away.

Set to the brash percussion-heavy "Leggo Beast" rhythm, a version of Roy Shirley's classic "Hold Them", and overseen by producer Pete Weston, 1973's "Buck & the Preacher proved to be as big a hit as the movie itself.

Appears On

Year Artist/Album Label Time AllMusic Rating
Don't Check Me with No Lightweight Stuff (1972-1975) 1997 Blood And Fire 3:12
Gussie Presenting I-Roy/Hell and Sorrow 1997 Trojan 2:55
Wonderful World Beautiful People 1998
Various Artists
Recall (UK) 2:58
Trojan Box Set: DJ 1999
Various Artists
Trojan 2:54
No Image 2001 Heartbeat 2:54
Trojan Box Set: A Jamaican Story 2001
Various Artists
Trojan 2:54
Don Letts Presents: The Mighty Trojan Sounds 2003
Various Artists
Trojan / Sanctuary 2:53