Elvis Presley

Blue Moon of Kentucky

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If ground floor rock & roll was the idea of taking a song and "rocking it up," then this bluegrass chestnut was one of the very first in line. Originally composed and recorded as a mournful waltz by bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe, "Blue Moon of Kentucky" became a mainstream pop song after getting goosed up as the B-side of Elvis Presley's first Sun single. What Presley did in re-arranging the tune was nothing short of a complete makeover. Taking the phrase "blue moon" and turning it into an opening repetitive chant, Elvis also jacked up the rhythm to triple its original tempo, infusing the song with a beat that was equal parts Native American and African in derivation. As a result, the tune became almost as popular as the A-side "That's All Right," and causing the originator -- Bill Monroe -- to go back into the studio and cut a new version of it with a hopped-up tempo inspired from Presley's makeover.

Appears On

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