The Works of Arnold Schoenberg, Vol. 2

Chamber Symphony No. 1 in E major, Op. 9


Artist Credit
Arne Akselberg Engineer
John Alley Harmonium
Andy Baggett Package Design
Tim Carey Celeste
Chris Clark Assistant Engineer
Mike Cox Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Alva Minoff Craft Production Coordination
Robert Craft Conductor, Liner Notes, Primary Artist
Melanie Diener Soprano (Vocal)
Michael Fine Editing, Producer
Dave Forty Assistant Engineer
Jennifer Frautschi Violin
Stefan George Text
Albert Giraud Text
Ernst Haefliger Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Mike Hatch Engineer
Richard Haughton Photography
Klaus Heymann Executive Producer
Martyn Hill Tenor (Vocal)
Eileen Hulse Soprano (Vocal)
Simon Joly Chorale Choir/Chorus
Graham Kirkby Technical Engineer
Jennifer Lane Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Phyllis Lanini Production Assistant
Norbert Meyn Text Translation
Raphael Mouterde Editing
Stephen O'Mara Tenor (Vocal)
Richard O'Neill Viola
Ulrich Osterloh Cover Art, Cover Painting
Philharmonia Orchestra Orchestra
Cris Posslac Liner Note Translation
Nicolas Poussin Cover Painting
Richard Price Editing, Mastering
Collin Rae Compilation Producer, Project Manager
Simon Rhodes Engineer
Alex Scannell Assistant Engineer
Arnold Schoenberg Composer, Liner Notes
Jim Selby Executive Producer
Michael Sheady Engineer
Fred Sherry Cello
Fred Sherry String Quartet String Quartet
Anja Silja Soprano (Vocal), Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
Simon Joly Singers Choir/Chorus
Gregory K. Squires Engineer, Producer
Philip Traugott Producer
Twentieth Century Classics Ensemble Ensemble
Jennifer Welch-Babidge Soprano (Vocal)
Richard Whitehouse Liner Notes
Sioned Williams Harp
David Wilson-Johnson Bass (Vocal), Narrator
Catherine Wyn-Rogers Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)