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June 23, 2023

Supernatural ThingEditors' Choice
The prolific singer/songwriter offers a distant sequel of sorts to his earlier highlight Transistor Radio.
- Timothy Monger
Melodies on Hiatus
Red Bull Records
The singer/songwriter and Strokes guitarist meditates on the past with songs that embrace life's complexities with a sense of adventure.
- Heather Phares
Chris Black Changed My Life
A warm, sun-soaked homage to the group's late friend, filmmaker Chris Black.
- Matt Collar
Loving You
A warm and casual collaboration that serves as a loving tribute to the late Bobbie Nelson.
- Stephen Thomas Erlewine
The History Kinda Pales When It and You Are Aligned: The Days of Wine and Roses - 40th Anniversary EditionEditors' Choice
Fire Records
The band's brilliant debut album of malevolent psychedelic noise rock is joined here by a wealth of extras, including never-before-released live recordings.
- Tim Sendra
A moody and muted divorce album that's at its best when the murk lifts.
- Stephen Thomas Erlewine
On Pain
Ear Music
The pop craftsman who's unafraid to take chances leaps another step closer to a full-on synth pop reboot on this coldly intimate, deeply felt album.
- Tim Sendra
Half Bad: The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself [Original Soundtrack]Editors' Choice
The duo's spooky, electronics-heavy score for the Netflix series about warring witches is as genuine and creative as any of the pair's albums.
- Heather Phares
Picture of Bunny Rabbit
Another posthumous excursion into the archives of this boundless musician unearths previously unheard material closest in style to his minimal 1986 masterstroke World of Echo.
- Fred Thomas
Changes: The Complete 1970s Atlantic Studio RecordingsEditors' Choice
Atlantic / Rhino Atlantic
This handsome box set offers an essential reassessment of the final seven albums the bassist, composer, and bandleader recorded between 1973 and 1979.
- Thom Jurek
Yellow Peril
Easy Eye Sound
Hard luck, trouble, and some witty contemplation of prejudice from this Korean-American blues phenom.
- Mark Deming
The Beggar
Michael Gira seems interested in pushing the band back into weirder territory following the more reflective 2019 effort leaving meaning.
- Paul Simpson
The belated return of the Brazilian composer and percussionist as a bandleader is full of killer chops and delightful surprises.
- Thom Jurek
Peace-Loving People
Bar/None Records
The fourth album from this San Francisco indie rock quartet continues their mélange of disparate styles and quick-shifting genre experiments.
- Fred Thomas
Bound to BeEditors' Choice
Where It's At Is Where You Are
The Portland duo build on their debut with a more varied and undeniably melodic follow-up.
- Timothy Monger
Western CumEditors' Choice
Drag City
After a few solo albums of gentle, lonely Americana, the Wand bandleader shifts course drastically in favor of greasy, layered guitar riffs and hard-rocking weirdness.
- Fred Thomas
Belongs on a Place Called Earth
The Manchester ensemble ups the ante on their sophomore date by adding street soul, acid jazz, funk, and more to their mix.
- Thom Jurek
Black Duck
Thrill Jockey
Sprawling improv and cosmic Americana from a trio of longtime Chicago music scene staples.
- Paul Simpson
All Her PlansEditors' Choice
An outstanding third album from these smart Australian punks that often deals with the reality of living with mental illness.
- Mark Deming
We're an American Band: A Journey Through the USA Hard Rock Scene 1967-1973
Various Artists
62 songs, both famous and obscure, from the era when the Marshall stack was born and psychedelia turned heavy.
- Mark Deming
This MomentEditors' Choice
Abstract Logix
On their first studio album in 46 years, the quintet offer an updated sound to carry their transcendent global fusion to both old and new listeners.
- Thom Jurek
Complete EMI Recordings 1971-1984
Strawberry / Strawberry Records
Lovingly curated anthology of the British crooner's final years at EMI.
- Matt Collar
Warner Classics
A far-ranging collection of works under and around the minimalist umbrella situates the tradition in a broad context.
- James Manheim
Thomas Adès: DanteEditors' Choice
The epic tale of the Divina Commedia is given new life in the first ballet by composer Adès.
- Keith Finke
Pierre Sancan: A Musical TributeEditors' Choice
A wonderful tribute to a French pedagogue who wrote truly virtuosic neoclassic music in the middle of the 20th century.
- James Manheim
Sir Charles Villiers Stanford: Requiem
An impressive reading of the Stanford Requiem, a work that is holding up extremely well.
- James Manheim
Marc'Antonio Ingegneri, Vol. 3: Missa Susanne un jour a5
Toccata Classics
Limpid music by a rarely heard late Counter-Reformation composer, beautifully performed.
- James Manheim
Le Parfaict Danser: Dance Music 1300-1500
An impressive release that devotes itself in detail to late medieval and Renaissance instrumental music.
- James Manheim
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