Artists who died in New York City, NY

Artist Active Genre & Styles
Dicky Wells 1920s - 1980s Jazz, Mainstream Jazz, Swing, Continental Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz
Dill Jones 1940s - 1970s Jazz, Stride, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz
Dino Anagnost Children's
DJ AM 1990s - 2000s Pop/Rock, Rap, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal, Rap-Metal, Rap-Rock, Turntablism
Djuna Barnes Classical
Doc Pomus 1940s - 1990s Pop/Rock, Country, Brill Building Pop
Dolores Gray 1940s - 1980s Stage & Screen, Vocal, Classical, Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop, Torch Songs, Show/Musical, Cast Recordings, Show Tunes
Domenico Savino Classical, Band Music
Don Alias 1950s - 2000s Jazz, Early Jazz, World Fusion
Don Costa 1950s - 1980s Easy Listening, Pop/Rock, Vocal, Early Pop/Rock, Traditional Pop, Vocal Pop
Don Freedman 1960s Jazz
Don Grolnick 1980s - 1990s Jazz, Crossover Jazz, Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz
Don Hunstein 1950s - 1970s Jazz, Classical, Pop/Rock, Keyboard
Don Kirkpatrick 1920s - 1950s Jazz, Swing
Don Redman 1920s - 1960s Jazz, Early Jazz, Swing, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz
Don Shirley 1940s - 2010s Jazz, Easy Listening, Religious, Vocal, Mainstream Jazz, Cool, Chamber Jazz, Spirituals, Gospel, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz, Standards, Traditional Gospel
Don Stovall Jazz, Blues, Jump Blues, Swing
Donald Gramm 1950s - 1980s Classical, Easy Listening, Opera, Classical Pop, Vocal Music, Choral
Donny Hathaway 1960s - 1970s R&B, Film Score, Soul, Smooth Soul, Chicago Soul
Dorothy Collins 1940s - 1970s Vocal, Vocal Pop, Traditional Pop
Dorothy Donnelly Vocal, Classical, Opera
Dorothy Fields 1920s - 1970s Stage & Screen, Vocal, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Classical, Tin Pan Alley Pop, Traditional Pop, Vocal Music, Show/Musical
Dorothy Loudon 1950s - 1970s Vocal, Stage & Screen, Cast Recordings, Show Tunes, Show/Musical, Traditional Pop
Dorothy Parker 1920s - 1940s Vocal, Comedy/Spoken, Stage & Screen, Spoken Word
Dorothy Sarnoff Comedy/Spoken, Classical, Stage & Screen, Cast Recordings, Opera, Show Tunes, Show/Musical, Spoken Word
Dud Bascomb 1950s - 1960s Jazz, Swing, Jazz Instrument, Trumpet Jazz
Duke Ellington 1920s - 1970s Jazz, Classical, Big Band, Early Jazz, Swing, Modern Big Band, Progressive Jazz, Standards, Orchestral
Dwayne Burno 1990s - 2010s Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Modern Creative, Post-Bop
Dylan Thomas 1930s - 1950s Classical, Comedy/Spoken, Spoken Word, Miscellaneous (Classical), Vocal Music
Earl "Speedo" Carroll 1950s - 1960s R&B
Earl Coleman 1940s - 1980s Vocal, Jazz, Standards, Vocal Jazz
Earl May Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Saxophone Jazz
Ed Allen Jazz
Ed Cuffee Jazz
Ed Sullivan 1950s - 1960s Pop/Rock
Eddie Barefield 1940s - 1990s Jazz, Swing
Eddie Chamblee 1940s - 1980s R&B, Blues, Jazz, Early R&B, Swing
Eddie Condon 1920s - 1970s Jazz, Vocal, Big Band, Dixieland, Swing, Standards, Stride, Early Jazz, Guitar Jazz, Jazz Instrument
Eddie Costa 1950s Jazz, Bop
Eddie Durham 1920s - 1980s Jazz, Swing, Mainstream Jazz
Eddie Lang 1920s - 1930s Jazz, R&B, Early Jazz, New Orleans R&B, Dixieland, Guitar Jazz, Jazz Instrument, Swing
Eddie Layton 1960s - 2000s Easy Listening
Eddie Mallory Jazz
Eddy Duchin 1930s - 1940s Jazz, Classical, Swing, Vocal Music, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz, Society Dance Band, Big Band
Edgar Battle Jazz
Edgar J. MacGregor
Edgar Leslie 1900s - 1940s Vocal, Classical, Vocal Music
Edgard Varèse 1910s - 1960s Classical, Avant-Garde, Experimental Electronic, Modern Composition, Musique Concrète, Avant-Garde Music, Chamber Music, Orchestral, Vocal Music
Edison With the Weather 1990s Pop/Rock, Jazz-Rock
Edith Meiser