Vinyl Williams
We're back with a double dose of album streams! Here, bliss out to experimental popster Vinyl Williams' debut album, Lemniscate. The album originally arrived last year but is expanding its reach with a vinyl release and wider distribution, and generating anticipatory buzz from sources like NME and The Guardian.Taking a cue from his collage art aesthetic, the Los Angeles-based musician and visual artist combines lush electronics, layer after layer of shoegazing reverb, and supernatural and religious symbolism to craft his sonic landscape. Especially recommended if you like the freewheeling Kraut groove of Can, the insular dreaminess of Toro y Moi, and the nocturnal atmosphere of late-era Radiohead. Let the sounds surround you now!

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Lemniscate is out November 13 on Salonislam/No Pain In Pop.
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