Figuring it would be pretty easy to beat the rush and be the first with a list of 2008's best albums, a mid-October post seemed be pretty safe. Sadly with the impending demise of the fine site Paper Thin Walls and their Best of 2008 post slated for tomorrow, the list had to happen now. Seriously though, it'll be hard for any future release to bust into this Ten. It's locked up tight! Here goes in no particular order and because of time constraints, no witty comments either.

Times New VikingTimes New Viking - Rip It Off!
Best Song - "Drop Out"


Los Campesinos! - Hold on Now, Youngster...
Best Song - "Death to Los Campesinos!"


Pacific! - Reveries
Best Song - "Sunset Blvd"


Lucky Soul - The Great Unwanted
Best Song - "Lips Are Unhappy"

Eux Autres - Cold City (Yeah, it came out in December of last year, so what.)
Best Song - "When I'm Up"

Minisnap - Bounce Around
Best Song - "New Broom"


Cineplexx - Picnic
Best Song - "Tirados"

Alphabeat - This Is Alphabeat
Best Song - "Fascination"

The Absentee - Victory Shorts
Best Song - "Bitchstealer"


The New Year - The New Year
Hear "The Company I Get" on their MySpace page