My Little AirportHey there, twee lovers! Now that we have cleared out everyone but the truly twee at heart, let's break out the lollipops and get down to business. There were many contenders for the Twee-est Band of the Year honors this year but the clear winner is My Little Airport. The duo from Hong Kong (P & Nicole) run through all the hallmarks of the twee pop sound (cute-as-pie childlike vocals, simple melodies, clunky drum machines, rudimentary guitars and twinkly bells) in fine fashion on their debut album for Elefant, Zoo is Sad, People are Cruel, but one look at the song titles is enough to see that there is something special going on here. "Mountaintop, Doll, Lollypop", "My Little Banana", "You Don't Want to Be My Girlfriend, Phoebe"...all classically twee titles with deliciously candy-coated songs to go with them; "When I Listen to the Field Mice" is even a heart-tuggingly sweet moment of meta-pop genius. My Little Airport are too cute, too twee, 100% ridiculous and their album is pretty much the silliest thing you'll ever hear. For these reasons, they're the Twee-est Band of 2007. ("When I Listen to the Field Mice" )

Other significant twee-chievements in 2007:
-- Fishboy's amazing, the-Who-in-a-teacup, twee pop opera called Albatross: How We Failed to Save the Lone Star State With the Power of Rock and Roll. ("Taqueria Girl" )

-- Minty Fresh's reissue of White Shoes & The Couples Company's album. ("Sunday Memory Lane" )

-- The return of Club 8. The songs of restrained, twee melancholy that make up The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming are some of the best of their long and pretty glorious career. ("When I Come Around" )

-- The Owls gave the adult twee pop lover something to keep them warm at night with their lovely album Daughters and Sons. ("Peppermint Patty" )