blog image 1For almost a decade Talkdemonic (the duo of Kevin O'Connor and Lisa Molinaro) have been making beautifully thoughtful and evocative music that takes elements from hip-hop, psych-folk, post-rock, bedroom pop -- just a ton of stuff really -- and ends up sounding pretty unique and memorable. Their new album Ruins is out this week on Glacial Pace and another strong effort; nicely moody music perfect for Fall. We asked O'Connor for some insight into what sounds were inspiring the duo lately....

First, a song from the new record:
Revival by Talkdemonic

"We try not to let our influences seep too deeply into our music, but these are some of the sounds that seem to have done that in hindsight, after taking an objective listen to our new record."

Broadcast - Tender Buttons
I think this album was a totally unintentional influence on the noisier song structured first half of our new album. Trish Keenan's passing right around full completion of the record was a big blow for me as they were just fully realizing their psychedelic potential with the Cults of the Radio Age EP. Tender Buttons is perfect.

Broadcast "America's Boy"


Atlas Sound - "Quick Canal (featuring Laetitia Sadier)"
Its hard to find a more perfect song that this…blissful synths and breezy drum machines saunter through an airy wonderworld … then Bradford Cox invites Stereolab's finest to anchor delayed heavenly vocals. The looseness of this song inspired me to make our record a little less cluttered, cause less is more.

Atlas Sound - "Quick Canal"


Elevator to Hell - Parts 1-3
I've always been awed by Rick White's "record the idea as it hits your mind, in a day, and it'll always be as pure as can be." This mantra has been the core of the genesis of our songs, tracked as they're thought up, recorded in a day. Not all of them, but the best ones for sure. Three to four hours of inspiration. You can feel that urgency and snapshot vibe in this Elevator to Hell record.

Elevator to Hell "Morning Clouds"


Duster - Stratosphere
The most underrated album of all time. Every band I've ever been in has been influenced by this record. This is the holy grail of my record collection. Oscillating from basement stoner tape hiss to studio sheen, hushed vocals, and warmth all around you. If you don't know this album, I wish I could be you and hear it all over again for the first time.

Duster "The Landing"


Beach Boys - "Til I Die"
I largely imagined Brian Wilson in his depressed stupor, writing his own eulogy through this song. Essentially a perfect tune, lost in the early 70's clutter of the Beach Boys' touring machine. Feeling down and out as a band, this song reminded me about why I started playing music in the first place. I hope that it'll be played someday at my own funeral.

Beach Boys "Til I Die"