The Minneapolis trio Night Moves released their first album last month. It's called Colored Emotions and here's why you should care. The band has a sound that combines the trippy cosmic country of Beachwood Sparks with the outer space warbling of MGMT, adds a little Tusk-style weirdness, but bases it all around songs strong enough to have come from the Todd Rundgren songbook. That's a lot of big talk, I know, but the band can back it up with some real good sounds. They've been out on tour recently and sent us a list of some pretty interesting stuff they ran into along the way....

First, here's a song from the album:

5 Things We Found on Tour:

1. J. Cole feat. Missy Elliot - "Nobody's Perfect"
John kept mentioning a rap song with the lyrics "Out in Barbados cheese, eggs, and potatoes." We could tell we were going to love it and it turns out we did.

2. Used condom in a Carl's Jr. wrapper next to a Denver Nuggets stocking cap in a field in Austin, TX - undeniably strange, an image we'll never forget, lets the imagination run wild.

3. Michael Hurley - "Oh Sweet Lucy"
Michael's a true original and great to listen to while driving down the highway. He was a popular choice this tour and this song especially is a great one to sing along to.

4. Green Drink- Vibrant Health
Kept us healthy until John and Mark got sick. Micky got sick but was able to somehow kick it by doubling his intake but this only made John sicker.

5. An Alpaca named "Zumi"
This is an Alpaca we found in Wyoming. When we met him he was contemplating his utterly meaningless and sorry excuse for a life. His "home" was a 5' by 20' cage outside of a gas station run by a recovering meth addict. "Why am I here?" thought Zumi, "Should I just end it all?" Right at that moment he heard us turn the handle on the vending machine that read "Alpaca treats" and forgot all about his previous worries. For the time being...
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