is an incredibly useful tool for getting an artists music out to the masses minus any record label tomfoolery. It cuts out the middleman almost completely, which is nice if you like to make money from your jams, and it makes it easy for people to preview and buy music. There's not much search and rec capabilty beyond the semi-useful tags the bands add themselves, but that's a minor complaint. Especially if you have time to waste and just want to jump around to random tags and see what small slices of brilliance are uncovered.
Lovely sleepgaze from two girls from Texas - watch for an album this summer.

You'll find the young and old on BC...Gregory Abbott sounds just as smooth and sweet as he did thirty years ago.

The High Strung have been cranking out some good old rock & roll for a long time now. This track comes from an album they released late last year.

Try getting the hook on this one out of your head. It's my new meta ringtone.

I wonder if Born2Rock meant to create such a brilliant chillwave jam with this song? Accidental genius.

Now go to and explore for yourself!