blog image 1This morning we got the utterly devastating news that Trish Keenan of Broadcast passed away of complications from pneumonia. Apparently, she had been quite sick since the end of last year, but everyone was hoping she would pull through. Along with her bandmates, especially James Cargill in recent years, Keenan was responsible for creating some of the most bewitching, haunting and simply beautiful music of the past 15 years. The combination of her purely angelic voice with the swirling, pulsing music made a sound that was always uniquely Broadcast, and all their albums had a warmth that cut through the experimentation like a tender kiss. That was all Trish. Words can't really express the sadness we fans of her music are feeling right now, and posting videos doesn't feel like a proper tribute. It's the best I can do though....


The band performing "Winter Now" on the BBC:

"Come On Let's Go"