Call Me D-NiceBy the time D-Nice turned 21, the producer/DJ/MC/beat boxer had already produced for his own Boogie Down Productions, Just Ice, the Stop the Violence Movement, and some knucklehead from Detroit -- if Romeo counts as Detroit -- named Kid Rock. He had a number one rap single in the self-produced "Call Me D-Nice," the baddest of all Turtles-sampling hip-hop tracks, which Ice Cube promptly swiped for part of "Jackin' for Beats." All of this had happened by the turn of '90/'91. Some further perspective: the artist formerly known as the Human TR-808 was born the same year as Jay-Z.

Since the early '90s, D-Nice has been just as active but in the shadows: he co-founded a web design firm and began a another business on his own, both of which have worked extensively with R&B and rap artists. In addition to becoming an in-demand DJ at high-profile parties and events, he has been increasingly prolific as a photographer and blogger. Three years ago, he began displaying photos new and old while relating (often humorous) stories at his journal. There's such of wealth of striking visuals, information, and knowledge there that you might feel the impulse to cut the man a check. Recently, he has uploaded a video he shot of Black Sheep's Dres discussing the making of "The Choice Is Yours," along with a series of photos taken at Mary J. Blige's recent performance in Johannesburg.