Are you an obsessive collector? Do you take pride in your record collection? Now on AllMusic you can share your album collection with the world.

Your AllMusic Profile
Once you have created your AllMusic User Profile (instructions available here) and made your profile public, you are given the opportunity to make your collection public as well. Once you have 10 or more albums in your collection, the 10 highest-rated albums will be displayed on your user profile page:

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Your Album Collection
From here your friends can browse through your collection to see which albums you own and how you've rated them. These album lists are sortable by year, artist name, album title and your personal rating. This is where you brag about your great taste in music and publish your one-star rating for that terrible album everyone else is fawning over.

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To add more albums to your collection, simply browse around on AllMusic album pages and click the "Add to My Collection" button, or visit our Collection Builder tool. More information about adding albums to your collection can be found here.

Thoughts? Excitement? Improvement ideas? Let us know by leaving a comment below.