AnunaThere’s no better way to get geared up for a festive celebration of St. Patrick’s Day than to listen to some excellent Irish singing (although I suppose that there are those who would argue that a few pints of Guinness might also be effective). The group Anúna is about as famous as a choral ensemble can get in popular culture. They received a Grammy for their performance with Riverdance, and their single from that show made it to the Top Ten in the UK. They’ve performed with Elvis Costello, Sinéad O’Conner, Sting, and the Chieftains, and they’re one of the finest groups performing contemporary classical choral music. Their main focus has been 800 years of Irish and Celtic music, much of it arranged or composed by their amazingly gifted conductor, Michael McGlynn. These musical examples give a glimpse of their wonderfully warm tone, sensuous vocal blend, and musical versatility and virtuosity.

Anuna 2002Anuna 2002
Crist and St. Marie:
Sí Do Mhaimeo Í;

The Heart’s Cry:

Lux Aeterna:
The Maid:
Tenebrae IV:

Behind the closed eyeBehind the Closed Eye
Ceann Dubh Dílis: