Live Bird '65-'67Although marketed as a surf band, Minnesota's Trashmen were decidedly landlocked by geography, but not by spirit. The group's odd mix of surf, R&B, sneering garage pop, and psychotic instrumentals made them one of the most eccentric and interesting of the groups that sprang up around the surf craze of the early 1960s. Essentially a northern cover band that wasn't afraid to take chances, the Trashmen played every gig like it was Saturday night. Sundazed's Live Bird '65-'67 collects several rare live tracks of the band in action on the dance circuit, and it captures the kind of offhand, humorous dementia that they channeled into their shows, climaxing in a near-six minute version of the group's wacky masterpiece, the manic "Surfin' Bird." But this was a surprisingly versatile and nimble band, and their live versions of Booker T. & the MGs' "Green Onions" and James Brown's "Mashed Potatoes" spotlight a funky little R&B groove, while "Same Lines" sneers along with the best of 1960s garage punk, and "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby" is skillfully executed faux doo wop. Two of the songs in the Live Bird set, "Bird Dance Beat" and "King of the Surf," were recorded at the Home School for Girls at the Saux Centre in Minnesota in 1966, and the mere thought of young, impressionable girls listening to this band of goofy maniacs is a sobering one.