We've got twice the fun this week with two upcoming album streams! JAN's self-titled debut album will have you reaching for your combat boots and serving up your toughest snarl. The artist also known as Kim Talon of art rockers Eagle and Talon expands her musical horizons under this solo project, hopping from growling, grunge-inspired vocals ("How to Beast") to frenzied post-punk guitar stylings ("Red Crust Ow") melancholy piano melodies ("All of These Igloos") always infused with her cool, offbeat confidence. Especially recommended if you like Wild Flag, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Dirty Projectors. Turn it up now!Sorry, this exclusive stream has expired. Stay tuned for more upcoming albums streams on AllMusic!

JAN is out November 13 on Enclaves Music. You can also check out JAN on Facebook. Don't miss our other stream this week, Vinyl Williams' debut album, Lemniscate.