While reviewing Ghetto Bootleg, the half giddy/half awful collection of odds & sods from the short career of Fannypack this week, I ran across Lidell Townsell. See, Fannypack covered his 1992 jam "Nu Nu" on their second album (the oh-so-wittly titled See You Next Tuesday) and while they did it a fair bit of justice, it turns out the original is a slamming slice of New Jack House that deserves a spin or two. Townsell's album Harmony (which he made with rapper Silk E and singer Martell, and features songwriting and production from Chicago legends K. Fingers and Cajmere) also houses a near perfect jam that rides a sampled jazz bassline, a heavy as thunder cowbell and the kind of beat that will have you on the dance floor within seconds. It's called "Get with U" and if the singing is a little stiff and the sentiment a bit on the sleazy side, it's alright because the jam is tight.

"Nu Nu"
"Get With U"

If you want the full songs and a chance to hear Townsell's remix of Lil' Wayne's "Lollipop," check his MySpace page.