The early to mid '90s was a good time for lovers of smoothed out -- but still soulful -- female vocal groups. Not exactly a golden age, like the early '60s were for girl groups, but pretty darn close. Whether it's the glass shattering vocal skills of a group like En Vogue, the sweet-as-pie harmonies of Zhane, the sassy girl power of TLC, or the kick ass first, ask questions later style of Jade, many viable variations of the girl group were cranking out jam after jam. Call it New Jill Swing if you want, call it whatever you want ... we call it awesome. (Mini playlist after the jump!)

Zhane - "Hey Mr. DJ"
SWV - "Give It to Me"
Changing Faces - " Baby My Love"
Xscape - "Love on My Mind"
Jade - "I Wanna Love You"
3LW - "Playas Gon' Play"
TLC - "Bad By Myself"
En Vogue - "It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings"