Arthur Fiedler LegacyArthur Fiedler firmly established the pops orchestra as an institution in American musical life, and his career of over 50 years yielded a large number of enjoyable recordings, many of which are now being included by Deutsche Grammophon in specially priced twofers in its series, The Arthur Fiedler Legacy. Thematically organized, as were most of Fiedler's original releases with the Boston Pops Orchestra, each album reflects an aspect of Fiedler's highly varied output, sampling serious concert music, lively arrangements of themes from Broadway and Hollywood, and the popular songs and light classics which made the Boston Pops outdoors concerts memorable and fun.

Stars and Stripes -- An American Concert
Sousa: Stars and Stripes Forever
Symphonic Spectacular
Bach: "Little" Fugue in G minor
Evening at Pops
Strauss: Emperor Waltz
From Fabulous Broadway to Hollywood's Reel Thing
Rota: The Godfather