Robert Goulet Dim those bright lights just a little bit today, because a star is missing from the firmament. That's right, celebrity (and singer and actor) Robert Goulet has died at the age of 73, while awaiting a lung transplant.

So, while you're raising a drink, feast on the AMG-sanctioned greatest hits of his 50-year career, which takes you all the way from Camelot to Pixar. (And for his best work, if not the most popular, check out the disc that includes two of his solid early-'60s LPs, Two of Us/Begin to Love.)

  • If Ever I Would Leave You [from Camelot] (sample)

  • C'Est Moi [from Camelot] (sample)

  • What Kind of Fool Am I? (sample)

  • Something's Gotta Give (sample)

  • Here's That Rainy Day (sample)

  • Make Someone Happy (sample)

  • The Impossible Dream (sample)

  • You've Got a Friend in Me [from Toy Story 2] (sample)