Today BoingBoing has a rundown/review of the David Byrne book How Music Works. Originally released last year, How Music Works finds Byrne ruminating about his experiences with Talking Heads and collaborations with other artists like Brian Eno, for a final product that's part autobiography, part music theory missive:
Though there is plenty of autobiographical material How Music Works that will delight avid fans (like me) -- inside dope on the creative, commercial and personal pressures that led to each of Byrne's projects -- this isn't merely the story of how Byrne made it, or what he does to turn out such great and varied art. Rather, this is an insightful, thorough, and convincing account of the way that creativity, culture, biology and economics interact to prefigure, constrain and uplift art. It's a compelling story about the way that art comes out of technology, and as such, it's widely applicable beyond music.

How Music Works was reissued in paperback last week, and updated with revised text to reflect technological changes that have happened since its publication last year.